10 Reasons To Choose Fujifilm XH2 In 2022

Handmade Fujifilm XH2 XH2S Black Ebony Walnut Wood Camera Protection Base

Fujifilm XH2

Fujifilm XH2 is the fifth generation of Fuji X-series cameras, with the new X-H2 camera released in September 2022.
Handmade Fujifilm XH2 XH2S Black Ebony Walnut Wood Camera Protection Base

I am a photographer who works with cameras and consider switching from a Nikon full frame mirrorless camera to a Fuji xh2 for the following ten reasons:

1. Appearance: I liked Fuji at first because of its retro look, now I think if I just like the retro look, I can use Olympus, Leica or other film cameras, I prefer this one that looks more professional xh2, its wide handle is the best for me in the actual holding experience of Fuji half-frame cameras. It is very safe to hold in your hand, and there is no risk of letting go at any time.

Handmade Fujifilm XH2 XH2S Black Ebony Walnut Wood Camera Protection Base (12)

2. Operation: There are 7 custom settings, and there are many custom buttons, which are very important for professional users and can better help themselves to complete the shooting work. In addition, the area of the lever has become larger, which is relatively easier to manipulate.

3. Picture Quality: The 40.2 million-pixel apsc format camera really gave me a big surprise. Since my photos do not output a large size, they are usually more than enough to be viewed on a computer and mobile phone.

Handmade Fujifilm XH2 XH2S Black Ebony Walnut Wood Camera Protection Base

4. Focus: I mainly shoot sports subjects. Thanks to the fifth-generation processor, the focus level of the xh2 is already the mainstream level. It is completely sufficient for shooting sports, whether it is basketball or Frisbee.

5. Continuous Shooting: Whether it is 20 fps with electronic shutter or 15 fps with mechanical shutter, it is completely enough for me

6. Video: I shoot very few videos. Compared with 8k, I prefer the pictures under 4k oversampling. 4k 60 frames is enough, and daily use does not have much effect without 4k 120 frame upgrades.

7. Lens: I completely regard the xh2 as a full-frame standard. Compared with the full-frame lens, the Fuji lens is really cheap, which is basically half the price of other full-frame lenses.

8. Colors: In addition to film simulation, the standard colors of Fuji cameras are very good-looking. Generally, shooting sports activities can be directly output in JPEG format. Using Fuji can save the complex color correction process.

9. Screen: The physical pulsator was cancelled and replaced with an ink shoulder screen, which greatly improved the practicability. 

When shooting time-lapse photography, I can use the shoulder screen to confirm whether the camera is working normally, and the rollover screen is very useful for low-angle shooting. 

In 2022 I will not choose a camera without a shoulder screen and a rollover screen.

10. Price: It is undeniable that the Fujifilm xh2 is $500 cheaper than the Fujifilm xh2s. As long as it is not professional bird shooting or 4k120 frames must be shot, there is no need to upgrade.

At the end of the article, who is the most suitable person to buy Fujifilm xh2 ? Friends who pursue Fujifilm colors and rely on camera performance at the same time, but friends who care about and like the retro look, don’t buy Fujifilm xh2, you might as well wait for Fujifilm xt5, you won’t be disappointed.

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